The rules for the usage the Galos salt-iodine caves:

  1. The treatment can be conducted with or without doctor’s recommendation.
  2. Wear comfortable, sporty clothes
  3. Turn your cell phone off before entering the caves.
  4. No food or drinks allowed in the caves.
  5. Bring socks and shoes for change.
  6. When a session starts, you should enter the cave, change your socks or shoes, make yourself comfortable on a chair, relax and enjoy the relaxation.
  7. During a session keep quiet and follow the orders of personnel.
  8. Do not touch walls of the caves or any of installed tools.
  9. The floor lights signalize the end of a session.
  10. In the case of an emergency immediately leave the cave.
  11. Every session starts at the beginning of the hour.
  12. One session lasts for 45 min.
  13. Arrive 10 min before the appointed session.
  14. The temperature in a cave is 70-75 F
  15. The air humidity is 35-45%.


1 session

5 sessions

10 sessions





Senior citizens & students             (over 65; under 21)

$10.00 $45.00 $90.00

Children (4-12 years)




Family ticket
(2 adults + child under 12 )




Extra child




Children under 3




  • Any changes in the price of sessions conducted in the caves will be announced prior to the change.
  • Reservation over the phone is required.(773-283-7701)
  • Sessions start at every hour (first at 10 AM, last at 7 PM) and last 45 minutes.
  • We enter the caves without shoes wearing white socks. Socks and shoe covers are available at the reception desk.

strona główna wstecz do góry